5 New Upcoming Features in OxygenOS (Oneplus)

OxygenOS is one of the popular OS based on Android. It looks very similar to stock android but, It has some extra features and customizations than Stock Android. Few months, OxygenOS developers are working on some new features in OxygenOS. If you want to know which features are coming to Oneplus Smartphones, This article will help you to know 5 new upcoming features in OxygenOS in Oneplus smartphones.

Recently, Oneplus launched Oneplus 8 and Oneplus 8 Pro. It has the latest hardware like Snapdragon 865, WiFi 6, Fluid AMOLED Display with 90-120Hz refresh rate, 3d curved display, etc and It comes with the latest Android 10 (Q). Fastboot ROMs are also available for these Oneplus smartphones to unbrick your device.

Here are 5 Useful and Interesting New Upcoming Features in OxygenOS (Oneplus)

5 New Upcoming features in OxygenOS

1. Always on Display

5 new upcoming features in oxygenos
Always on display from MIUI 1

While Always on display actually works on Amoled Screens and almost all recent released oneplus smartphones comes with Amoled Screen. So, This feature is coming to OxygenOS very soon.

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2. Folders in App Drawer

This upcoming feature will be more useful and interesting. Like if you have a bunch of social media apps, streaming apps, banks, and UPI apps, and You want to separate them. then, with the help of this feature, you can create a folder in the app drawer and move particular category apps inside the folder.

3. Play Sound when battery is 100%

we are always concern that our battery is overcharged at night. So, This feature will help you to stop overcharging your battery at night and day. When you enable this feature and keep your smartphone in charge, It will play a sound when your battery gets fully charged.

4. Essential features in Zen Mode

If you are using any Oneplus smartphone, you have already heard and used zen mode in your device. This feature is similar to MIUI 12’s Focus mode. By enabling this feature, your mobile goes into the deep freeze for a certain period of time and you can’t access anything like text messages, videos, apps, etc. It gives relaxation from using a smartphone for a certain period of time. Oneplus is adding some essential features to make this feature more comfortable for users.

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5. Fingerprint unlock for Hidden Pics in Gallery

This feature is one of the popular and useful features. It is already available in Xiaomi’s Gallery and file manager. But, Oneplus is bringing to OxygenOS. If you have some personal pictures, videos and you don’t want to show anybody then, you can hide all of them and access it via your fingerprint only.

These are 5 new upcoming features in OxygenOS. I hope you loved it.

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