How to book covid vaccine slots

How to Book Covid Vaccine Slots from Whatsapp

We are all suffering from this pandemic around the world. The government of all countries started giving Vaccines to fight against covid. Indian Govt has also started providing Covid Vaccine. You can book Covid Vaccine slots from the Official website. But, If you don’t know much about the website, You can book covid Vaccine Slots from Whatsapp.

Vaccines are less in an amount in comparison to People in India. So, You need to Book an Appointment and Vaccine Slots before taking the vaccine. You can book both Paid and free vaccines provided by Govt and Private Hospitals.

You can book Covid Vaccine Slots from the Official website of govt. of India. That process may be a little bit difficult for some users. So, Govt has launched a Whatsapp bot that will help your book your Covid Vaccine slots from WhatsApp. You can follow the guide here.

Book covid vaccine slots from whatsapp

How to Book Covid Vaccine Slots from Whatsapp?

1 . First of all, Make sure WhatsApp is installed on your Phone.

2. Click on this link and Open on WhatsApp.

3. Send message “Book Slot“.

4. It will generate 6 Digit OTP for verification.

5. Send the OTP (One-time passcode).

6. It will show the details of beneficiaries who are registered using your number.

7. Choose the Person for whom you want to book Vaccine slots.

8. Enter Details, Pincode, Name of Vaccine, and Vaccine Type – Paid or Free.

9. Chatbot will show you a list of Vaccine centers based on your Pincode.

10. Select the Center and Your preferred timing.

11. Your Covid Vaccine slots will be booked successfully.

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