convert windows 11 taskbar into macOS Dock

How to Convert Windows 11 Taskbar into macOS Dock

Microsoft Windows 11 has a new Taskbar where you can change the position of your taskbar to left and center. It looks attractive for most users. But, It is still different from Apple macOS Dock. If you like macOS Dock, You can convert Windows 11 Taskbar into macOS Dock.

Windows 11 is the latest version after windows 10 from Microsoft. The major changes on Windows 11 Focus on UI redesigns like rounded Corners, new Taskbar, Notification panel, and some other features like Subsystem for Android, New Desktop icons, etc.

Recently, I found software that can convert Windows 11 Taskbar into macOS Dock. This software is in early-stage but you can try it on your pc. Follow the below guide to convert your Windows 11 taskbar into macOS Dock.

How to Convert Windows 11 Taskbar into macOS Dock?

1 . First of all visit this Github link.

2. Scroll Down to the Assets section.

3. Download the Taskbar.exe file on your PC.

4. Run Taskbar.exe file as administrator.

5. It will automatically convert your taskbar into macOS Dock.

Note: To revert back into windows 11 normal taskbar, you can restart your pc or end the task in task manager.

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