create phone screen mockups on any android phone for free

How to Create Phone Screen Mockups on Any Android Phone For Free

Screen Mockups are one of the useful things to use in your thumbnail, images, presentation, and more. It provides a unique and attractive look to your presentation or your video, images. But, Today I will be telling you how you can create Phone Screen Mockups on any android phone for free.

There are various websites and apps that provide Smartphone, Laptop screen mockups but most of them are paid and require a one-time payment or a monthly subscription for that. If you dig on the internet you will also find some free phone screen mockups generators online.

Currently, You see most of the featured images of my articles having Phone screen mockups are made for free. I’m using this android app for 1 year now and It provides 100+ Phone screen mockups for Free. The name of that app is HiShoot2i. Here are some useful features of using the HiShoot2i app.

Features of HiShoot2i Mockup app

– Phone Screen Mockups (more than 100+)

– Multiple Screenshots support

– Badge Option is also available

– Background changeable ( Transparent, Color, Image)

How to Create Phone Screen Mockups on Any Android for Free?

1 . First of all, Visit this link and Open in telegram.

2. Download and Install the HiShoot2i apk file.

3. Visit this Telegram channel.

4. You will see more than 100+ Phone screen mockups.

5. Download and Install your favorites.

6. Open the HiShoot2i app and Tap on Gallery Icon (Bottom left).

Hishoot2i phone screen mockups for free

7. Tap on Change and Select your Installed Screen mockup.

8. Now, Click on the Plus icon and Select your Screenshot image.

Hishoot2i phone screen mockups for free 2

9. Click on the Save Image button and You have successfully created the Phone Screen Mockup.

Note: You can also alternatively use the Creative app to create Phone screen mockups for free.

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