PUBG Mobile Audio Issue fix

Fix PUBG Mobile Audio Issue using DNS

If you are playing PUBG Mobile For a long time. then, you have faced a PUBG Mobile audio issue once in a day, in a week, or in a month. Your friend mic is open but, You aren’t able to listen to his audio and your friend also can’t listen to your voice. Today, I bring your trick to fix the PUBG Mobile Audio Issue using DNS.

PUBG Mobile is one of the popular Battle Royal Mobile game, It is available for both Android and iOS. If you are an Indian Player, then you won’t be able to access or download it via Play Store or App Store. You can try this trick to Install or Update PUBG Mobile After banning in India. PUBG Mobile Brings new updates every month. With the new updates, It also brings bugs and loopholes.

fix pubg mobile audio issue

About Audio issue

We all are facing the Audio Issue in PUBG Mobile for the past few seasons and PUBG Mobile still didn’t fix it. After getting tired of the PUBG Mobile Audio issue. I search for the whole internet but didn’t found any easy solution. Then, My friend recommends using a Private DNS will help you fix the Audio issue. I also tried that trick and it worked.

Today, I am sharing the same trick with you to fix PUBG Mobile Audio Issue in your smartphone. Using a private DNS also secures your smartphones with spam websites and Hacking. So, It means that it will fix audio issue and also secure your smartphone.

While there are various DNS Providers that are secure. So, It’s hard to choose one. So, I choose a popular DNS Provider – Cloudflare. It is trusted and secure.

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Fix PUBG Mobile Audio Issue in Your Android

  1. Open Your Android Phone. and Enable Internet Connection.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Click on Network and Internet option.
  4. Scroll Down and You’ll get to See – Private DNS
  5. It will be Selected as Automatic By default.
  6. Click on Private DNS Provider Hostname.
  7. Enter the address -” ” and hit Save.
  8. It will connect to Cloudflare DNS.
  9. Now, Visit – to check DNS is connected or Not.
  10. Now, Open PUBG Mobile, and You won’t face any audio issue.

Note: If you are still facing audio issue, Ask your Teammate to try this trick.

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