Mirror any file online and download at high speed

How to Mirror any File Online and Download at Highest Speed

We use the internet and download various types of files from different websites. We always face slow downloading issues from different types of websites. Today, I found a trick to mirror any File online and Download it at the highest available speed.

File mirroring is popular because it helps to download any file from the internet at the highest speed. For example, If we are downloading any software from Sourceforge, We will never get the highest downloading speed. To overcome this issue, I found a trick to mirror any file from any website.

You have listened to Ghostmirror once in a while. Ghostmirror is a File mirroring website where you can mirror any file from any website and thereafter, you can download at the highest available speed. I personally use this for Downloading Softwares, Files, etc. follow the below guide here.

How to Mirror any File Online and Download at Highest Speed?

1 . First of all, Download and Install Telegram App on your Phone or Windows.

2. log in to Telegram and Join this Ghostmirror Group and Telegram Channel.

3. Now, Copy the link of any Online File or Software you want to mirror.

4. Now, Type the following command in the Ghostmirror Group
/mirror <paste download link here>” and Send.

5. Now, the Ghostmirror bot will start mirroring your file and upload it to Google Drive.

6. After that, You will get a Google Drive link but You have to Get Access to Drive Share. (Get it from here).

7. Now, Click on the mirror link and Download at the highest available speed, and Enjoy.

Note: You can mirror any file that is publicly available like from Sourceforge, Androidfilehost, etc. You can also Clone Youtube videos and Telegram Files as well.

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