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Made in India MPL Rogue Heist High Graphics Game is Here

During the Coronavirus pandemic, Chinese Industries are heavily affected in India. Indian Govt. banned various Chinese apps and Indian Users boycotted Chinese products. At that time, Indian Companies took the opportunity and Announced upcoming Made in India apps, Products, etc. If you are an Indian User, then Here is the Made in India High Graphics Game “MPL Rogue Heist” for you.

A few Months ago, nCore Games announced that They will be launched Made in India FAUG Mobile Game in India at the End of 2020. But, It’s now the end of 2020. But, The game hasn’t released yet. But One other Company MPL Launched its own Mobile game. It’s MPL Rogue Heist.

If you don’t know much about MPL. Let me tell you that Mobile Premier League (MPL) is an Android and iOS app in which you can Play games, Fantasy Sports, etc. Virat Kohli is a Brand Ambassador of the MPL app. They Launched the PUBG Mobile Rival “MPL Rogue Heist” Game which looks quite interesting and has high graphics.

About MPL Rogue Heist

MPL Rogue Heist Game is available in Play Store as Early Access. You can play the game and right now. I have installed this game and Played it for 2 Days. In my opinion, This game is way better than Free Fire. It has Realistic Graphics like PUBG Mobile, It has Various modes to Play like Gang War, Money Heist, Man vs AI, etc.

They also promised that Battle Royal Mode is also available in this app. This MPL Rogue Heist also has Rogue Pass in which you will get Weapon skins, New Emotes, Outfits, etc. If I compare this game with Free Fire and PUBG Mobile. Then I can say that according to graphics, Audio, character, this game is way better than Free Fire. But Comparing to PUBG Mobile, The Character movement doesn’t look comfortable.

Game Modes in MPL Rogue Heist

MPL Rogue Heist Game Modes

There are more than 4 Modes in this game. It is like Death Match. In all these modes we will play 5v5 match. You and your 4 Teammates fight with 5 Opponent. Here are list of all Modes

1 . Gang War

In this mode, Two teams of 5-5 Players fight with each other. First team who get 50 Kills wins the Match.

2. Heist Mode

MPL Rogue Heist Mobile Heist Mode

In this Mode, Two team of 5-5 Players fight with each other and Collect bags full of money. The Team which collect three bags and secure it their own Truck and Holds the Bag for 3 Minutes wins the match.

3. Play V/S AI

In this mode, You and your teammate will fight with Bots or Computer generated Players. You have to Fight with them to win the mode.

4. Brawl Mode

In this mode, You have to fight with 9 Opponents and win the match.

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