PUBG Mobile 0.16.5 Update brings Season 11 Pass, New Vehicle and More

PUBG Mobile Brings a new Update of 137MB which brings some new game modes, New-season pass and much more. PUBG Mobile is one of the popular battle royal game in Google Play Store and App Store.

Tencent Games pushed the update of 0.16.5 on 9th Jan 2020 Globally. There are some major changes and some new outfits, a new vehicle in this new Update. Today, We will discuss all the major updates that come with this new update. If you want to download PUBG Mobile, You can visit the Freeroid website. Freeroid website is an alternative to Playstore and other android apps store websites.

PUBG Mobile 0.16.5 Update Major Changes and features

1. Arena – New Domination Map: Mode

In this Domination mode, players split into 2 teams of 4. The map has 3 bases, and the first team to capture 2 bases wins. One random base will be activated soon after the match begins, and the next base will be activated after the first base is captured. Super Weapon Crates can be activated in Domination mode for a massive boost (only available in Domination: Town).

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2. New Vehicle – Light Snowmobile

A Light Snowmobile has been added to PUBG Mobile 0.16.5 Update. This vehicle only spawns in Vikendi and is the perfect ride for two. It is faster and moves more efficiently than the Snowmobile, but is also more easily damaged. The 2-seater motorcycle will no longer spawn in Vikendi after the Snowbike is added to the map.

3. Season 11 Royal Pass

PUBG Mobile brings a new Season 11 Royal pass: Operation Tomorrow. In this season, we can get Gun skins of MK14, M416, Aug, and M762 (Barrel). There is new Buggy Skins and Three permanent premium outfits. This update also brings three new Emotes in Season 11. You can Upgrade to Elite Royal pass with 600UC(Rs.800).

4. Update Prize

If you update your game between 9th Jan to 15th Jan 2020, you will get Some prize or gift

  • 20 Silver
  • 2,000 BP
  • 1 Blue Glider Trail

5. Some Minor Changes

  1. The original version of the Warehouse map has been restored and converted into the Arena Training map for players to practice their shooting skills.
  2. In the Arena Training map, players can pick up and use any weapon from the ground instead of using the weapons in their load-outs. Players will still use the weapons in their loadouts in other Arena maps.
  3. The other rules of the Arena Training map will still apply and Evo EXP will be given out after the results are tallied.
  4. Firearm balancing – Adjusted Groza’s single-shot damage in Team Arena from 48 to 45. Other modes will not be affected.







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