[Root] Play Google Stadia Games in Any Android Device

Google Stadia is a popular Platform to stream games online. Right Now, Google Stadia App is only working in Google Devices like Pixel 4, Pixel 3XL, etc. But, there is a trick to Play/Run google Stadia in any android devices.

Google Stadia is a cloud-based platform where all the games are kept on Google Cloud and you can play High Graphics games by accessing it without using any powerful hardware. With the Help of Google Stadia, we can play high graphics games in Lower end Devices also.

To Play High graphics games in google Stadia, You need a faster internet connection of a minimum of 10Mbps. because we are screening the whole game in our device from google Cloud. Google has set 10$ /month for this service now.

Most of You are waiting for Google Stadia to run in your device but it is only working in Google Smartphones but In the upcoming year google will add more devices in the list. But, Still, If you want to play google Stadia Games in Your Android Device now, We found a trick.

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Basically this trick helps to change the Name of Our Android Device So that Google Understand that this is Pixel Device. Before Proceeding, You need some Requirements.


  • You Device Should Be Rooted (Install Magisk).
  • An Android App – Download Here
  • Google Stadia App – Download Here
  • A Small Risk.

Play Google Stadia Games in Any Android Device.

1 . First of All Root Your Device With Magisk. (Search on Internet).

2. Install Build.prop Editor from Play store.

3. Open Build.prop Editor App.

4. Give Root Access to the App.

5. Go to Menu>Create backup. (Create a backup of your Build.prop file to restore in future).

5. Click on Search Icon.

6. Search – “ro.product.model“.

7. Enter the value – “Pixel 4″ and Submit it.

8. Again Search For – “ro.product.manufacturer“.

9. Enter the Value – “Google” and Set it.

10. Reboot Your Android Device and Install Google Stadia.

11 Now, You can play games easily in Google Stadia.

Note: If you wish to change your device name and manufacturer name, You can restore your build.prop file that you backed up earlier.

After Rooting Your Device, also Learn how you can unroot your device to get Future Software updates.

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