5 Best Substratum Themes for stock android phones

If you are using a Stock Android Based smartphone, then You always have a concern that you can’t install any theme in stock android like MIUI, ColorOS, etc. There are various smartphones that come with stock android like Motorola, Oneplus, MI A Series, etc. If you want to theme your stock android, then We are here to show you 5 best substratum themes for your stock android smartphones.

best substratum themes for stock android

Substratum is one of the popular apps which installs custom overlays or installs themes in stock android smartphones. We all know that Google prevents stock android from installing custom overlays. So, Substratum uses the Root method to install themes in stock android smartphones.

While there are various best substratum themes available in Playstore. Users get confused among these themes that which one to install or not. Some themes are free and some are paid. Paid themes have a great user interface than free themes. I have used various themes in my stock android. Here I found 5 best substratum themes for your stock android. In this article, we will be covering Paid themes that you can buy under Rs.200.

With the help of substratum themes you can not only theme stock apps but you can also install overlays in third party apps like Whatsapp, Youtube, Chrome, Instagram, telegram, etc. So, These themes are very useful and the best options to theme your stock android.

Here are 5 Best Substratum themes for your stock android smartphones

List of 5 Best Substratum themes For Stock android

1 . Liv White and Dark

Credit – Liv dark

Liv Dark substratum theme uses beautifully crafted gradients with pixel-perfect UI elements and improved material UI, to give your phone a new fresh and modern look. Liv substratum themes come in two variants. If you have light mode enabled in your smartphone, you can use Liv white and If you are using dark mode, You can install Liv dark substratum theme. You can buy this theme at Rs.150 (INR) in Playstore.

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2. Flux White and Dark

flux substratum theme
Credit – Flux

Flux White theme for Substratum theme engine is designed with pixel perfect graphics and material UI, to give your phone a new vibrant, and light look. It is developed by giannisgx89. It also has a Dark and White app. You can install your favorite one. You can buy this theme at Rs.150 (INR) in the play store.

3. Valerie

Valerie is a beautiful Substratum Theme which supports almost all devices and custom operating systems with OMS support since Android 7.x.x and above next to Samsung OREO, Samsung OneUi (Pie), Samsung OneUi 2.X (Q), OxygenOS PIE and OxygenOS 10 Q. This theme only works with a mentioned OMS supported OS above. You can buy this theme at Rs.130(INR) in Playstore.

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4. Pitchblack

PitchBlack is a known full featured dark and black battery-friendly android theme. Providing many apps and ROM support, perfecting the balance between materialism, minimalism, and various color combinations. You can buy this theme at Rs.30 (INR) Only in Playstore.


Darc is a powerful Dark, Black, Clear, and Gradient Theme for Substratum and Synergy for stock android, and Samsung OneUI devices. You can buy this theme at Rs.160 (INR) in Playstore

Note: All these above themes work in the Substratum theme engine. These themes work on Stock android and custom ROMs. You can install these themes in Android Pie, Oreo, Q, etc versions.

If you don’t know how to install Substratum themes in stock android. Let me know in the article. we will write another article with an easy installation procedure.

Thanks for reading this article. If you found this article helpful, let me know in the comments section and also share it with your friends.


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