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NewPipe – Download Youtube Videos, Watch in 4K, Background Play, & more

In India, our honorable PM announced Lockdown which affects the internet in India. Youtube and various popular streaming apps like Youtube, Netflix have reduced the video quality to SD. NewPipe is an alternative of Youtube which offers various features like download youtube videos, play in the background, etc.

Youtube is one of the popular android and iOS social media applications. You can watch and upload videos of all types of categories on youtube. But, Youtube has some limitations in free version like It is not ad-free, video quality reduced to SD during the lockdown, No Picture in picture mode, No background play, etc. You need to buy a Youtube premium to use extra features.

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If you want to use a mod version of youtube that offers ad-free video, high-quality video playback, background playback then, NewPipe is the best choice for you. NewPipe is a free and Open source android app. It is an alternative to the Offical youtube app.

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NewPipe android app youtube alternative
NewPipe Screenshots By Androinterest

Features of NewPipe Android App

  • Ad-free Video Experience
  • Video Playback in Highest Quality (4K 60fps).
  • Background Video Playback.
  • Picture in Picture Mode.
  • Download Youtube Videos in High Quality.
  • Android TV Support.
  • Cast Screen available.
  • Caption Available
  • Playback Speed.
  • Add Youtube account subscriptions.
  • Soundcloud, Framtube, and mediaCC.
  • No, need to log in

I have used various mods and alternative of Youtube like OGTube, Youtube Vanced, etc but, Some alternative asks for login, root access and more. But, NewPipe doesn’t need login, root access, any play services like Micro-G.

NewPipe is available only for the Android Operating System. So, If you are using an iOS-based Smartphones. It won’t work.

You can download the NewPipe android app from Github or F-Droid. It is open-source so, the Source code of this app is also available. So, you can make customizations, if you are an android developer.

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