One UI 2.0 Top 8 Features

Samsung’s One UI is the Operating System that runs on Samsung Smartphones. One UI is based on Stock Android Just like MIUI. In my opinion, One UI is better than MIUI because it is much similar to stock Android.

Recently, Samsung has released One UI 2.0 for Some Flagship Devices. Today, We are going to Discuss 8 New Cool Features that will be available in One UI 2.0. One UI design looks great and Attractive. Here are List of Top 8 features in One UI 2.0

List of Top 9 New Features in One UI 2.0

  1. Edge Lightning Effects
  2. New Camera UI
  3. Alternate Face Lock
  4. Native Screen Recorder
  5. Device Care UI
  6. Android 10 Gestures
  7. Digital Wellbeing
  8. Stickers in Calender

1. Edge Lighting Effects

In One UI 2.0, Samsung Introduced Edge Lightning Effects. You can set it with Ambient Display. It will appear on your screen when your device is Locked and Ambient Display is On. This is a cool feature.

One UI 2.0, Samsung new One UI Update

2. New Camera UI

Samsung has added the revamped version of the camera in One UI 2.0. There are not a big difference in 1.5 or 2.0 But Some changes have made like Boxed Text tiles, Some Option has now shifted to More Section. You can Press and Hold any option and put it in the camera.

3. Alternative Face Look

An alternative Face look is that feature in which you can add another face for the lock screen. Suppose, If there are two persons using One Phone then, this feature help. You can add two faces. You can also add another look for your own.

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4. Native Screen Recorder

Native Screen Recorder is now available in One UI 2.0. To go to Screen Recorder Settings, Scroll down the Quick Tiles and Press and Hold Screen Recorder Option. You can change the quality of the recording and Internal Audio recording is now available.

5. Device Care UI

Samsung has revamped the Device Care Page. Now, It looks more attractive. Basically this page shows the Health of your device like Battery health, Security Info, Memory Info etc.

6. Android 10 Gestures

Google Introduced the New Gestures in Android 10 which looks similar to MIUI Gestures. Now, Samsung has also added Android 10 gestures in One UI 2.0. It is better than Samsung’s old gestures. A navigation bar is still available if you want to use them.

7. Digital Wellbeing UI

Samsung has changed and revamped the UI of the Digital Wellbeing feature. It looks kinda wired than Old UI of Digital Wellbeing. I think the Stock UI of Digital Wellbeing is cool.

8. Stickers in Calender

Samsung Introduced the Stickers features in One UI 2.0. Now, You can add stickers in calendar. You can add stickers like Birthday stickers for your birth date, etc.

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